Friday, March 9, 2012

Worms 3D - Multi5 (PC/ENG/2003)

DOWNLOAD: Worms 3D - Multi5 (PC/ENG/2003)

Worms 3D - Multi5 (PC/ENG/2003)
Worms 3D-Multi5 (PC/ENG/2003)
English | Platform: PC | Release: 2003 | Publisher: Sega | Developer: Sega | 932 MB
Genre: Strategy

The legendary series of 17 teams will enlarge its assault on the third extension.
The title of Team 17 is, ~ dint of. its very nature, a turn-based strategetics game, in which many comic frisk the role of earthworms on the capacities of the militia.The annelids are able to impel on the battlefield, looking for the in the greatest degree suitable location for the use of large weapons at their disposal. Being for the most part of throwing explosive devices, the ballistic mien is crucial for the victory, in the same manner with each player must consider the bend and power and, last but not minutest, the direction and strength of the puff of air, before to throw your shot. So remote, the general discourse on Worms course, which, in principle, that is too present here for the 3D incidental narrative.

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